This is a site dedicated to helping others find useful information about exercise, fitness and other related healthy lifestyle information.

StrongBodyX.com is based on the concept of the collaboration of ideas focused around the exercise and fitness industry. Shane Carr, a Physical Therapist in the Phoenix metropolitan area, decided to put this website together based on the way he has observed Physical Therapists and other healthcare providers often share ideas and concepts to improve their patients and clients ability to perform activities.

As a Physical Therapist working in outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine clinical settings, there is often a continual sharing of information and concepts about exercise, fitness, sports enhancement, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. What often happens in a clinical environment is that someone has their client perform a specific strengthening exercise that they have created or borrowed to improve a functional deficit. This new exercise often elicits a discussion as to the benefits of the exercise, what muscle groups it is emphasizing, as well as how it can be improved upon, or applied to other areas of the body to improve one’s overall functional ability.

Shane decided to take a similar concept and leverage the internet to create this website in which people can collaborate to learn new knowledge and approaches to exercise, strengthening, fitness and other health related subjects. Not every exercise discussed, or demonstrated on this site will be an optimal exercise for each individual. The idea is to discuss the potential benefits and risks of exercises to develop a better overall understanding of the exercise and allow you to choose whether to incorporate it into your own approach.

What Does The X Stand For In Strong Body X?

It’s been asked what the “X” represents in the website name. The “X” actually represents several ideas and concepts. It part it stands for the “x” in exercise. It also, in part,

Note The Body's General X Pattern.

Note The Body’s General X Pattern.

represents the concept of the body’s ability to move and function, with the basis of stability and movement crossing at the “core” of the body.

The general idea is to use this website to improve your understanding of health, exercise, and fitness, then apply what you learn to your own situation to improve your own abilities.